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Human of the world. Passionate about self-realization and writing influence. Here to entertain, teach, and inspire.

Crazy, basically one year in this pandemonium. I didn’t come here to talk about corona, though. I came here to talk about manifesting and catching up on my life since being back in Canada.

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Wait, when I’m a blogger, lol.

The last few months that I was living in Germany were quite depressing, to be honest. I was feeling rather lost, and in a sense, I was feeling blocked. Unable to find my groove. I know with covid and all, it didn’t help my situation, but regardless of how lost or depressed I was, I still didn’t want to go home. In fact, it was the last thing I wanted to do. Living in Germany was my dream come true, although it was hard af sometimes. …

A simple and effective way to turn unwanted negative thoughts into positive ones.

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How often do you find yourself getting lost down the rabbit hole of your mind? It’s easy to get sucked into what seems to be this never-ending spiral of thoughts. Before you know it, you can be so far gone you have no idea how deep you are.

Have you ever driven through an intersection and thought to yourself, “was the light even green? I mean, I’m sure it was, but I don’t remember,” or maybe you got home and completely forgot where you placed your keys. You are not alone. …

Real and lasting change has to come from within. Changing your outer world to fix your inner world only creates some temporary form of happiness.

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This is why we have addicts of all kinds. When I use the word addiction, I mean anything that we are more or less dependent on to feel good. It can be drugs and alcohol, smoking, overeating, shopping, scrolling social media; it can even be relationships.

It’s an escape from our inner world and what we really feel when we are alone.

These quick fixes are just that — a temporary quick fix of happiness and feeling good.

Buying something nice and eating a glutinous meal or smoking that cigarette feels good initially. It’s a burst of pleasure. Maybe it…

Let’s face it. Life is this ever-changing, ever-evolving flow of energy. When does life ever stop? The sooner you can accept and adapt to a situation you have no control over, the sooner you can feel inner peace and happiness.

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There is so much in life that we have absolutely no control over. When it comes down to it, what we truly have control over is ourselves. That being our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Everything else? Well, of course, we can influence our situations and the people around us, but this ultimately comes back to our own actions.

Losing a job, a global pandemic, being broken up with…

What do these three things all have in common?

We have no control over them.

Things can change at the drop of a hat, and they often do. Look at the year…

Leaving Instagram for a year freed up time to realize who I am without this pressure of trying to keep up with everyone else.

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Lately, I’ve been spending far too much time on my phone. I feel as if every time I seem to have a spurt of inspiration, I simultaneously have an urge to go on my phone, and the inspiration is lost amidst the mindless scrolling of Instagram.

So here I am writing this article instead.

Let’s start with what led me to delete my Instagram in the first place. The truth is I had conflicting feelings towards the app for years. The main conflicting feeling being; I was aware that the more time I spent on Instagram, the worse I felt…

How to take control of and change your life for the better.

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This is what I started doing to change my life in pursuit of lasting inner peace and happiness.

Set realistic goals

  • And write them down.
  • Be clear about what you want to achieve and why. The reason why you are doing something is going to be your motivating source. It is just as if not more important than what you are doing.
  • Set a realistic timeline. I can’t stress this enough. The goals need to be realistic and set for a realistic date. If you set an unrealistic goal, it’s going to lower your motivation and self-confidence. Be realistic. …

Meditation to me was always one thing that I knew I should be doing but just never made the time for, and when I did, I couldn’t sit still for more than thirty seconds.

Agii Apostoli, Crete

I remember my first meditation like it was yesterday. I was home alone and decided it would be best if I started by sitting upright on a chair rather than cross-legged uncomfortably on the ground. I picked up a piece of palo santo and burnt it to set the vibe. Feeling eager to reap the effects of meditation, I sat myself down with my hands on my knees, took a deep breath and closed my eyes. …

Running into my soulmate on the other side of the world.

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It was a Friday night in Berlin, how any good story begins. My friend Chantal and I were walking to the nearest Späti to pick up some alcohol for the night. A Späti is a mini late-night convenience store where you can buy alcohol, snacks, and tobacco products, aka the Berlin essentials. Some Spätis are really happening and play music, and you go there to hang out and drink for the night. They’re awesome, especially in the summertime.

The night was young, so we grabbed our alcohol and went and sat in the park across the street. Trying to throw…

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Considering I’ve been dealing with these two guys quite a lot recently, I figured I could write about it.

Yesterday I was anxious beyond belief. I don’t know what on earth got into me. In all fairness, I am going through a significant shift in my life right now, and I do have a lot to think about, a lot to sort out. Oh, the joys of growing up and being an independent adult. It’s not always easy.

I felt sick to my stomach the entire day. Everything in my life seemed to be up in the air. Usually, I…

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I didn’t plan to go vegan. In fact, the day I went vegan, I didn’t even know what a vegan was. I became a strict vegan for six and a half years. Now I eat primarily vegan and sometimes vegetarian. My thoughts and experiences on “veganism.”

I never planned to go vegan, nor did I really want to. Close to eight years ago, when I was in university, I was on this kick of watching documentaries. I had finished school for the day, so I was at home fixing myself a snack, ready to settle into watching a documentary. I…

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